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Dancing in September: Mahon’s events light up the scene

Gracia Celebrations, or how to throw a city-wide party the right way

September is a special month for the island of Minorca. The almost unbearable climate that characterizes August tends to recede a bit, giving pass to a more amicable kind of weather: still summertime, but not hot-as-hell summertime. In other words, it’s the best time of year to visit and hunt for property. In addition, September is the month when one of the most important regional parties (shared with other communities across the Balearic Archipelago and even the Peninsula) takes place: Gracia.

The Gracia celebrations – Fiestas de Gracia in Spanish- are a major event in Mahon. It all begins with the pregón, a folk figure whose job is to formally announce that the party is on. Usually, the honour of announcing the beginning of the celebrations is given to a notable local. After the inauguration ceremony, the celebrations carry on for three full days, in which dozens of events – from beach bonfires to parades and private parties held in astonishing properties – take the city by assault. The Gracia celebrations are colorful, and a sense of joy inevitably takes the streets: certainly the best way to end a summer season.

More fun times ahead with the ‘52 World Championship

Shortly after the end of the Gracia Celebrations another significant event takes Mahon by storm: the utterly famous ‘52 World Championship, a competition that gathers twelve top-tier teams of sailors in a fight for glory. The Championship takes place in mid-September, and never fails to amaze the sailing enthusiasts, as well as the occasional spectators that get to see from one of the countless terrace cafes in downtown Mahon. Often cited as one of the top 10 sailing competitions in the world, the ‘52 Championship represents a great excuse for an island escapade in which is, by all accounts, the best time of the year to enjoy Minorca. Mahon has long been a sailor’s paradise, and many keen fans of the activity have bought property in the area to enjoy the sport year-round.

The Gracia Celebrations and the ‘52 World Championship are a showcase of Mahon, and those who are planning to relocate to the island should come for a visit during this time of the year. It’s an opportunity not only to have fun, but also to experience the city during its busiest month. Despite the series of events that take place in September, Mahon remains a calm, quiet capital, ranking high amongst the ‘most relaxed’ cities in the Mediterranean basin, and at least for now, one of the most affordable as well.  

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