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Deals in Minorca: superior property for sale at Punta Prima and Son Ganxo

Balearic retreats at its best

If real estate’s famous axioma – location, location, location – is something you care about, then Son Ganxo and Punta Prima will certainly be of your interest. This coastal, neighbouring communities are located in the south-eastern tip of the Minorca, less than 20 minutes away from both the island’s airport and capital city, Mahon.

Providentially enough, Son Ganxo and Punta Prima offer much more than a privileged location. Despite the fact of being next to each other, both communities have geographical features that make them different.

To begin with, Punta Prima is known for its beautiful sandy beach, which acts as a local landmark. To call it just a beach, though, wouldn’t be fair: the large strip of white sand lies within a horseshoe-shaped bay with shallow, turquoise-colored waters. If it wasn’t for the less aggressive temperatures and humidity levels, the whole place could easily pass for a Caribbean destination and people would hardly notice.

On the other hand, Son Ganxo features a rocky coastline, a characteristic that turned the place into a marina haven. This also propelled the construction of more waterfront properties: less beach space meant more housing space.

While both resorts certainly fit the ‘breathtaking’ label, Son Ganxo is more about properties with a seaview, and Punta Prima relies on the fact that the beach will never be more than a 5-minute walk away from home. It will always be hard to pick amongst two excellent – yet different – things. The good news is that the result will be great, no matter what.

Property prices in Minorca: the key variables

Prices of property in Minorca are more related to size, features and amenities than anything else. The fact that the island is far less crowded than other hubs in the Balearic Archipelago translates into a large number of more viable opportunities, where things are easier to ponder. For example, think of a place like Sant Antoni, in Ibiza: buyers looking for property there would need to be cautious due to the city’s party profile. There isn’t much people who want to buy a place next to a condo that will be invaded by hard-clubbing types summer after summer.

Fortunately, that’s not the case in Minorca, and while Punta Prima gets its share of summer visitors, crowds are rare – and party loving groups elude the place. It’s more of a family holiday destination, where kids can safely ride their bikes under little, if any, supervision.

Under this circumstances you’ll find a wide range of property prices. In Son Ganxo, for example, you can find 2-bedroom apartments with a seaview for less than EUR 180,000. To clarify, we’re not talking about cliched, serial-produced places, but of apartments that come with their very own terraces and pools, overlooking the Mediterranean. Waterfront houses and villas in Son Ganxo can be purchased for as little as EUR 500,000, many of them including their own private calas.

Thanks to places like Son Ganxo and Punta Prima, Minorca is becoming a hotspot for deal-seekers. Given the short distance to Mahon and the airport, this neighbour communities combine accessibility and tranquility: in little words, the very definition of what Minorca is.

Properties for sale in Punta Prima and Son Ganxo