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Property sales are up in the Balearics, this is true but you may have been interested in a property in Menorca and realised that getting over here to view properties at this time of year is slightly complicated!

With no direct flights from the UK to Menorca scheduled to start until the end of March, Menorcasa Properties has been looking for other ways for you to get here to view properties for sale with us here in Menorca before the season starts!

The Monarch direct flight was cancelled for the first time in 20 years this year. This is a temporary measure only affecting us this winter season and there are plans not only to re-instate the direct flight but also to add another new direct flight from Manchester during the winter months, making it much easier to get here, out of season. The summer season flights running from April through to October will all be working as normal very soon.
If you wish to view properties for sale before the season starts, the following airlines have good connections with the island and shorter waiting times:

VUELING AIRLINES fly from London Gatwick stopping in Barcelona and then connecting with a short 35-minute flight over to Mahon, Menorca. Prices starting at 350€ per person with luggage. Slightly cheaper with just hand luggage. This is the route that needs to be taken until Easter when the direct flights restart. Luggage is checked in at Gatwick and does come all the way through to Menorca and the second flight does leave from the same terminal so there is no need to move around!
RYANAIR over Easter have flights starting at £90 per person departing from East Midlands Airport with a 10KG hand luggage allowance, just enough to fit an overnight bag for us to organize a few viewings! If you prefer to wait for Easter to be over, the price reduces down to about £50. This is a direct flight to Menorca.
MONARCH AIRLINES start their regular weekly flight from Gatwick airport on March 27th with prices starting at about 215€ per person. Again, these are cheaper after Easter.
EASY JET have their first flight starting on March 31st from Gatwick with prices starting at £300 per person over Easter and then dropping to about £110 in the weeks following Easter.
TUI fly from more than 21 UK airports, direct to over 70 worldwide destinations, including Menorca (MAH) airport.

Menorcasa can assist you with any flight requirements, hotel arrangements or car hire! Please don’t hesitate to ask if you require any assistance with travel plans.