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Menorca’s best: property for sale in Cala Llonga

Great villas, comfortably close to the capital

During the past decade, Cala Llonga has attained a certain fame as one of Minorca’s best residential areas. Much of the reputation has been sustained by the geography of the place, a blessing of soft, evergreen hills that overlook the ocean and offer panoramic views of Mahon, the island’s capital city. Cala Llonga is an inspiring place of impossible sunsets, lush vegetation and tasteful, elegant villas. These alone are strong enough reasons to attract a number of peace-craving new residents, but fortunately, Cala Llonga offers more than charming Mediterranean landscapes.

One of Cala Llonga’s most appreciated features is the closeness to Mahon, the capital city of Menorca. The distance that separates both points translates into a 10-minute car ride. In what can be described as a delightful contrast, Cala Llonga feels like an isolated retreat, but actually isn’t one. Once again, the winding geography of Minorca turns the unexpected into reality: a secret residential area with hilltop views of the ocean that is right by the island’s neural point. One of the usual concerns associated to moving to an island is the time spent travelling: some is acceptable, but too much is, simply, too much. Given that both the airport and seaport lie 15 minutes away from Cala Llonga, travel times can be ruled out as a potential issue.

The price of dreams

Unlike other coastal retreats in the Balearic Archipelago, Cala Llonga was lucky to avoid the array of major hotel developers and their thirst for expansive, vertical construction. Instead, the area pursued a residential profile and nowadays, low-lying villas dot the unspoiled hillsides in a subtle, graceful way. While new developments can’t be labeled as rare, local regulation makes sure that Cala Llonga’s residential contour remains that way.

When it comes to property, villas steal the show. Most of them come with a pool and a view of the ocean, and styles range from classic Mediterranean to vanguardist designs of pure lines, noble woods and glass. Prices are higher than the island’s averages, and it isn’t hard to see why: not only the place is unique, but also convenient. While the expected price for a 5-bedroom villa hovers around the €1M mark, killer deals can be found. There’s a number of 4 and 3-bedroom villas that can be purchased for as little as 350,000€ and yes, they will still get you a pool and a great ocean view.

Given the fact that regulation and construction permits get tougher as years pass by, it isn’t hard to envision higher prices for Cala Llonga in the next decade. Also, seaside residential communities that are close to the capital and the airport aren’t that common, a feature that can be taken as a serious advantage when thinking in terms of investment. When it comes to great deals, timing is perhaps the ultimate – and less certain – variable. On the other hand, Cala Llonga will hopefully remain the way it is now: a stunning, privileged place to live and contemplate the brightest parts of our existence.

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Magnificent, detached villa with incredible panoramic views across the Port of Mahon